USD Diversified Multibond
USD Diversified Multibond
 Fixed Profit

 Low Risk
 Collateral guarantee

 USD allocation
SubscriptionPayment in USDPayment in RMB
Bond MaturityOne Year or Three Year
Bond Interests8%
Minimum Subscription AmountUS$ 100,000
RMB¥ 500,000 for 1 year
RMB¥ 100,000 for 3 year
Subscription Fee0First year 1.5%
Dividend Distribution
One year maturity: principal and interest withdrawal at maturity; 
3 year maturity: Interest withdraw before the end of every January; the principle and interests withdrawal at maturity.
● All interests deposit into the clients’ account are in USD, regardless country/area. 
● Deposits in RMB are in compliance for over-sea transaction. Deposits in USD are in compliance with source of income documentation.
● Please contact us if you wish to purchase USA bonds with other currency.