Value Averaging Investment - US$3000

    1. Regularly deposit US$3,000(USDT) each month. The rate of annual fixed revenue is 40%, which is US$14,400.

    2. 1 year fixed term, starts from the contract beginning date.

    3. The beginning date of contract(especially the calculation of revenue) will start on the first day of next month since receiving the payment from investor: for instance, the beginning date will be starting on 1st May if PPC receives the payment from investor on 20th April.

    4. The monthly payment must be completed before the 25th of the previous month. If the payment is not deposited as scheduled, the contract will be automatically converted into the small-deposit custody investment and calculated basing on its corresponding revenue rate. For example, the contract start date is 1st May, and the payment period of next month(1st June) would be within 25th and so on.

    5. The payment method adopts the electronic wallet ONLY, and transfers the USDT to the USDT address specified by the PCC.

    6. Apply the contract termination to withdraw principal is available after the contract expires. If there is no application, the contract will be automatically renewing without notice.

    7. Only the initial principal can be retrieved before the contract expiry.

    8. After expiration of contract, you can choose:

     a) Principal and revenue can be retrieve simultaneously.

     b) Contract renewal, including principal and revenue.

     c) Contract renewal, including principal. Retrieve revenue.

     d) Contract renewal for partial principal, and retrieve partial principal and revenue.

    9. Reinvestment shall be based on the ROI of initial statement and terms.