High Value Insurance Policy Financing
High Value Insurance Policy Financing
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The international private banks and insurances companies that are rated as AA grade above, and preferred by the three largest rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s.

The highest level of insurance for Tier One Bond in Private Banks and Current Asset Valuations.

Low Interest Loan
Obtain lost cost High Coverage Life Insurance through Private Banks.

Expend Tax-free Inheritance
Obtain High Value Insurance Policy and claims with bank capitals to extend the tax-free inheritance amount.

Decentralized currency
Hedge the risk from currency exchange rate with the holding of the Insurance policy in USD and the USD in private banks.

Asset Transfer
Transfer assets to any country or region overseas to achieve global asset distribution.

Highly Confidential
Different from other commercial banks, the private banks offer high confidentiality.

Cash Flow Planning
There are plans for the cash flow annually, and it is available for withdrawal any time.

Debt and Risk Avoidance
There will be no political risks and debt disputes.

Optimize Tax Savings
No Inheritance Tax, no Value Added Tax (VAT).

Free from Legacy Disputes
The beneficiaries of a life insurance policy are not subject to inheritance law, and can be assigned to anyone.

Wealth Perpetuity
To set up the trust for the estates or offshore estates, and retain control of the assets after deceased.